Foilco have researched the effects of foil when printed on paper, cartons and board. The findings indicate that the hot stamping foil content of the printed product has no detrimental effect on the ability to recycle the packaging. The foil content of most printed items is less than the ink.

Foil is normally used to enhance the image of the item in support of the main, ink printed, areas. The added value image is achieved using a relatively small area of foil print. The foil printed on to the board is made up of 3 or 4 solvent-free layers which, in total, make up no more than 2.5 micron ( 1 micron = 1 thousandth of a millimetre ). Therefore the amount of foil in the finished print is minimal.

TTT- Total Transfer Technology A further development by Foilco enables the benefits of the full range of speciality foil designs, including holographic, to be created on board. This might, until now, be achieved by the use of film laminates. Laminates require the PET or PP film to remain bonded to the board, making it unsuitable for recycling.

TTT achieves the high quality effects without leaving a film laminate, ensuring that print and packaging can be recycled. This new system is offering great benefits to many high street stores and for high quality, branded goods, where it is necessary to demonstrate a “Green” image. They can achieve this without compromising on the necessary impact and eye-appeal of packaging, needed in the competitive retail market. For samples, information or a discussion of the benefits of TTT, please contact our technical team at Foilco.