Foilco win silver leaf award

Foilco has been associated and a member for many years with the long established FSEA, which brings together a collective of companies developing the newest and most innovative techniques in hot foil stamping in the industry.
This year with more than 300 entries in 33 categories, we are pleased to announce that Foilco has been awarded with the Silver Leaf Award, in the category of Industry Supplier Self Promotion. Presented for Excellence in Foil Stamping & Embossing for “The Foilco Alphabet Poster”.

The poster brings together 32 foils on a B1 sheet demonstrating foiling on top of foils, unique textures and the most unusual and creative stamping foils. Every letter tells a story.

Design agencies and brand owners alike were inspired by the effects achieved and demand for the posters at the shows was high. Much talked about at the shows. Mission accomplished!

Machinery: Bobst with Eagle Foil System

Production Details: The challenges were great. To produce a promotional poster that would collectively display the depth of range of products Foilco has to offer the industry. The poster had to be a low enough weight to be able to roll up to give away at our Autumn European shows but thick enough to allow us to demonstrate the quality effects we could achieved with intricate embossing dies. If the dies are too deep they cut through the paper; too shallow and the effect is lost. Some challenges along the way but the result we achieved was fanatastic.