Workshop – Officially Unveiled

Fresh, Contemporary colours carefully chosen to show Workshops playful nature.

Workshop is a free, travelling…Workshop! Created to showcase different foiling techniques and processes associated with it. Created to showcase different foiling techniques and processes associated with it, Foilco are hoping it will inspire and educate. Aimed at creatives, whether students or graduates, designers or illustrators, it really doesn’t matter. Anyone who might be interested in foiling can come along and get involved.

The workshop will allow you the chance to get hands on with hot stamping foils, use traditional printing equipment like Metallic Elephant’s KSF ONE Series blocking machines (hot stamping) and innovative equivalents (digital toner foiling) using toner printers and laminators.

It’s an opportunity for you guys as the designers or printers of tomorrow, to inspire us in the different creative ways that you can use foil in graphic design and manufacturing.

Workshop stands on 5 key principles, which is reflected in the Workshop’s branding:

Play – The most important thing about Workshop is to play and have fun. There are no set rules. We want you to enjoy yourself.

Learn – Learning and Educating is key to really explaining what Foilco do and what foil is about. By understanding this you can really start to use foil in the best possible way.

Create – You can’t come to one of our Workshops without actually creating something. You will create the weird and wonderful and all using foil.

Think – Thinking is what leads to creativity. We’ll ask how best can you use foil in the future and how can foil help in your design and creative work. We aim to get you thinking.

Foil – Finally foil. Put simply it’s what it’s all about. We work with it all the time, so we are here to help you work with it and love it like we do.

We have the playground and we want you to have fun in it.

Soft launched in Manchester, Workshop’s first outing will be on Thurs 26th April in Bristol before Foilco’s Bi-annual Multiplicity event.

Branding and design created and developed by StudioDBD For its brand identity, Foilco called upon the talents of David Sedgwick, founder of Manchester’s Studio DBD ( “The design and concept for Workshop is based around the perforations found within the D4 shade card, Foilco’s industry leading sample book,” explains David. “It gave me a playful device to work with and we plan to do quite a lot with it”.

Like the idea of Workshop? If you are a University, Design Agency or Printer and want to know more, please get in touch with us and we can discuss the best way of making something happen.


Web page coming soon…