Die Bonding Tape

Die Bonding Film is a brown heat reactive tape used for bonding metal dies to the metal heat plate.

The tape ensures that the die remains in place and resist movement when pressure applied.


How to use Die Bonding Film

Cut a piece to size required – smaller than the die area.  It is advisable to file down a corner of the base of printing die; this makes it easier to remove the die when finished.

Turn the machine on and wait until the machine has heated to the required temperature.  Then place the die face down on the bed of the machine placing a piece of die bonding film on the back of the die.  Close the head of the machine against the bed and hold for about 25 seconds.

The heat from the plate will activate the Die Bonding Film and glue the die to the plate.  Once you want the die removed, cool the machine down and use a suitable implement to carefully get beneath the edge of the filed corner and prise the die off the plate.

Foilco supply Die Bonding Film in the following sizes:

50mm x 1m

76mm x 1m

50mm x 55m

76mm x 55m