Epoxy Glass Board

Epoxy Glass Board is an extremely strong and durable resin based make-ready.

This make-ready is highly recommended when hot stamping fine to medium detail prints.

Epoxy Glass Board is very flat which ensures correct, even pressure across the area of the make-ready.   Like Pertinax, Epoxy Glass Board provides very clean and sharp prints due to the hard flat surface.

Epoxy glass is very resilient.  It is extremely hard to dent which makes it the most desirable make-ready for very long production runs as it reduces the need for further make-ready set up times.  Epoxy glass has also been designed for repeated use on different jobs without any detrimental effect on quality.

This make-ready can also be used together with other make-readies, such as Embossing Board and Pragotherm.

Foilco supply Epoxy Glass Board in two thicknesses:

838mm x 915mm at 0.5mm thickness

838mm x 915mm at 1mm thickness