Pertinax is a dark brown resinous sheet make-ready which makes it very tough, ensuring a long usage life.

Pertinax can be used for various hot stamping applications; due to the durability it is especially useful when a hard or firm print impression is required. Pertinax is an ideal make-ready to use when hot foil stamping paper and thin board where graphics are of fine line or detail to achieve crisp clean prints.

It is a highly recommended make-ready when foiling onto paper where it is essential there is no image show through on the reverse.

Pertinax is also used during foil embossing in conjunction with Pragotherm 800. It is also known as cutting base when used on label process machines as the Pertinax forms a hard base for the cutting blade.

Foilco supply Pertinax in one size:

460mm x 305mm (A3 size) at 0.5mm thickness