Pragotherm is a material used to produce the counterpart die for shallow foil embossing or textured dies when printing onto paper.

Pragotherm is suitable for use on platens and cylinder machines.

Please note Pragotherm is not to be used for blind embossing.



  1. Position the die in the press and heat the die up to 140C.
  2. Cut a piece of brown Pertinax to a size larger than the area of the die.  Position this piece of Pertinax on the platen of the machine in relation to the position of the die.  Secure the Pertinax using self-adhesive tape on all four sides (preferably masking tape to enable additional packing).
  3. Operate the machine and adjust, by increasing printing weight, or by packing behind the Pertinax or machine platen plate, to achieve a foil print on all edges of the foil embossing die.

Any small areas missing on larger dies should be corrected by packing for example, using tissue paper patches under the Pertinax.

  1. Using the sandpaper provided in the kit, roughen the surface of the Pertinax in the print area.  Remove dust using a dry cloth.
  2. Cut a piece of the RED foil larger than the die and position and secure on the Pertinax over the printed image.
  3. Place a piece of hot stamping foil over the red foil with the adhesive side towards the red foil.
  4. Slowly close the press, manually, and leave closed on impression for 2-3 minutes.
  5. Open the press slowly, remove hot stamping foil.  If all contours of die are visible, check to see if excess red foil can be removed easily.  If not place another piece of red foil on top of first piece, place a piece of hot stamping foil on top of this and close the machine again.  Leave on impression for a further 2-3 minutes.
  6. All excess material should now be easily removed. According to the condition of the die some edges may have to be eased using a knife.

Place a piece of hot stamping foil over the completed make-ready and if required, a piece of paper (approx 100gsm) over this.  This paper is to protect the make-ready from abrasion.

  1. Re-adjust machine temperature to required foiling temperature.  Embossing can now commence.  Do not remove any machine printing weight.

Foilco supply the following pack sizes:

  1. 20cm x 20cm Kit
  2. 20cm x 20cm Refill
  3. 20cm x 40cm Refill