We are able to offer various security options depending on the level of security required.

Holograms in wallpaper designs, 2D & 3D bespoke images with overt or covert security features.

Wallpaper design is an overall design featuring text or images that can be foil stamped by standard application. Mainly used on cheque and vouchers.

2D designs are a low cost one layer hologram image which does not have the visual hologram depth of a 2D/3D or 3D hologram. Due to this the 2D hologram text and image can be very bright, particularly with small font or design size.

2D/3D holograms can be made from flat artwork. The subject is arranged in two-dimensional layers which are separated in space. This creates the feeling of depth for security

3D images can be created from actual objects or three dimensional models. The shape, texture and shading can be achieved with this origination.